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Planning to Open

It is the goal of the Elmore County Economic Development Authority (ECEDA) and our partners to help Elmore County businesses reopen once Governor Kay Ivey issues a Reopen Order.

During the time leading up to a Reopen Order being issued, we want to encourage our businesses to consider what they may need to do in order to safely reopen their business to protect their employees and customers.

Once Governor Ivey issues a Reopen Order, ECEDA will continue to update the ReopenElmore.com website to assist our businesses in interpreting the provisions of the Reopen Order so they can operate their business in a compliant manner.

Business owners are resourceful and responsible. Here are some items to consider prior to the time your business can reopen so you can do so in a safe manner:

  • Consult OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 which will aide in operating a workplace that will ensure employee and customer safety.

  • Post a notice on the entrance of your building encouraging customers to call your business and not to enter if they have a fever.

  • Create and implement a Workplace Coronavirus Policy that could include checking employee’s temperature at the start of each workday and increased daily sanitation of employee and customer contact areas. Post this policy on your company website and at your business letting employees and customers know you have a plan to conduct business as safely as possible.

  • Consider having employees wear a cloth face covering. CDC recommendations can be found here.

  • Prior to reopening contact your regular customers making sure they know your reopening.
  • Consider how can you continue to conduct business and serving customers while at the same time minimizing the common items employees and customers touch in order to reduce transmission.
  • Make it easy for customers and employees to adhere to social distancing guidelines by allowing enough space for employees and customers to be 6’ apart while still being able to conduct business. Remove or relocate sales display cases or employee desks allowing for more separation.

  • If the business reopen order does not allow a business to utilize a customer waiting area how would you conduct business within those limitations while continuing to serve your customer.
  • If practicable, consider limiting customer access to employee work areas.
  • Make it easy for employees to have access to well-stocked hand-washing areas and, if practical, customers having access to hand sanitizer.

  • Identify a supplier for needed cleaning supplies or face covering/gloves if needed.
  • If your business has been shut down, ensure the exterior of your building is appealing and welcoming for customers and employees. Make sure it is exceptionally clean.
  • Increase the area of separation where customers make contact with employees. This may include relocating your credit/debit card terminal or installing a clear barrier between customers and employees. Rotate pens used by customers and sanitize them daily. Encourage customers to receive their purchase receipt by text or email.
  • Consider adding exterior signage or creating ready-to-post social media content making customers aware you are open for business but strive for a soft opening as not to overload your workforce or capabilities to serve your customer.
  • Communicate with employees and vendors that you plan on reopening when possible so all are aware and can plan for that time in order to prevent or identify any disruption in workforce or accessibility of inventory.
  • Start or continue to offer curbside service or utilize a delivery service.

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